UK start-up Venubox launches solution to promote hospitality businesses and increase revenues

Jul 13, 2021 | All, Press

UK start-up Venubox is launching into the UK, with a solution that enables hospitality venues to recover lost revenues at a pivotal time for UK businesses, as they prepare to fully reopen for the first time.

What is it?
Venubox is the first customer engagement solution to uniquely connect hospitality venues and consumers by delivering offers tailored to both interests and physical location based around an innovative mobile app.

We all know that hospitality has been impacted as a result of COVID-19, and with everything starting to re-open across the UK, there is an opportunity for the industry to bounce back. Not all venues charge deposits for bookings, and for restaurants, they are losing vital revenues through no shows, with no way of filling those missed covers.

This is where Venubox can help venues reclaim lost revenues. Venubox empowers hospitality businesses to reach customers that were previously unattainable, users of our mobile app, by targeting them when they are in the market for your product and service, and with offers to entice them exactly when you need them.

How does it work?
Business owners can leverage our Venubox’s online platform to setup offers to attract customers, and then have them delivered to people in the vicinity of their venue, a nearby train or bus station, or local place of interest.

Venubox mobile app users, can toggle Offers on and off, and choose which types of venues they are interested in – matching their needs, with your offers based on their physical location. Better still, in just a few clicks they can message your venue using in-app chat, allowing you to respond, helping you to drive more enquiries, bookings and footfall to your venue.

What are the benefits?
Firstly, cost. Traditional posters and flyers are costly to produce and distribute. Also, how many people that receive them are even interested in what is being offered? It is just a spray and pray approach that is throwing money away. Venubox are offering free access for venues up until the end of 2021 and a nominal subscription fee, thereafter. Much easier to achieve return on marketing investment.

Secondly, measure impact of your marketing. With Venubox, you can also track how many offers were delivered and seen by users to understand which offers are the most engaged with, something traditional advertising methods cannot do, reducing your carbon footprint and targeting the right people, instead of blanket distribution to anyone passing by.

Thirdly, control. Venubox provides venues with the tools to create their own marketing. Its not a full-service solution, for which you are charged. It is a self-service solution designed to empower venues to control the look, feel, branding and offers they deliver to consumers. Its also not only marketing to people that know your venue, but people that are unaware, helping you reach new audiences.

Which venues does the solution support?
The big Venubox consumer app launch will take place on 1st December 2021, and they are currently starting to recruit public houses, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, entertainment venues including live events, bowling, theatres and more. The solution will Initially launch in the Central London area, and then will look to role out across the UK during 2022.

With exciting treasure hunts planned driving traffic to subscribed venues, and opportunities for venues to promote their businesses through the Venubox mobile app, and across social channels, this is certainly an opportunity too good to be missed.
Interested in finding out more around how Venubox can help your business drive traffic during off-peak times, or in sudden lulls? Get in touch with them to find out more!

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